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Phil teaches the “Beta” workshop experience with a few guest speakers to help with some topics like software development, legal, etc. But for the “Seed” workshop Phil brings in many more guest speakers who do majority of the teaching for the seed stage founders with topics like product market fit, cap tables, equity splitting, hiring your first 20 people, etc.

Typically, “Beta” workshops are $100-200 for the 10 hour experience and “Seed” workshops are $400-500 for the 15 hour experience. Keep in mind purchasing a “Seed” workshops seat gives you a “Founder Pass” allowing you to attend another “Seed” workshop in the future (when seats are available) or gifting to another founder. Lastly, you can do a payment plan, see next FAQ!

You can do a payment plan for 3 months and your credit card will automatically be charged (example: $600 seat would be $200 a month auto charged)

Yes if you purchase 3 seats at once we can give you 10% off the package and if you purchase 5 seats at once we can give you 25% off the package. Please email [email protected] to set this exclusive offer up.

Yes, before Covid-19 they were all in person events, but now it’s a mixture of both. There will be mostly virtual events for 2020, but 2021 will probably have 10 virtuals a year and 10 in person events a year.

No refunds but transfers are doable with 24 hour notice before the event starts.

We try to stay industry agnostic, but certainly there is a focus on “tech startups” due to Phil’s personal work history. Regardless of what kind of entrepreneurs you are (or what industry you come from), you will leave with a ton of great information!

You certainly can do that! Please see bookings or email [email protected] This would turn on a whole Startup Bootkamp experience and you can give out free tickets to whomever you wished to attend for a “Beta” or “Seed” workshop experience.

For the “Beta” workshop, only 5 startups are selected to pitch the panel of investors. For the “Seed” workshop, all startups have the chance to pitch the panel of investors at our demo day.

As of now, we do not. But we are open to doing this for the “Seed” workshops in the future and charge a portion of the price to view the workshop if you can’t make it.

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