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Conventional education only takes you so far with entrepreneurship. The real education comes from rolling up your sleeves and actually doing it. The problem is doing things wrong can very well be detrimental to your startup; so hearing from people who already have done it can save you a ton of time and money in the long run. Startup Bootkamp not only gives you exact that, but also provides opportunity to network with other founders in your stage and pitch real life investors.

This experience was created to bridge the huge gap of early stage founders and the necessary education they need to progress. The startup world is a mystery to most brand new founders mainly because a lot of startup rules go against conventional wisdom. Building a startup is unintuitive at times and Startup Bootkamp will help unpack these nuances.

Get the startup education you need without making the $100,000 mistake or wasting 3 years going about your execution the wrong way. Take Startup Bootkamp today and start making better business decisions for your startup tomorrow.

Created For Founders By A Founder

Phil Castro

Founder & CEO of BarPass
Founder & Host of Startup Bootkamp

Phil is a highly established, award winning startup veteran from Chicago. He has been crowned “35 Under 35”, “Startup of the Year”, “Young Leaders in Tech” and much more. He’s also no stranger in the media with being featured in over 30+ publications like Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur Magazine, Medium, BuzzFeed, WGN, TastyTrade, ABC, etc.
Phil is the man behind Startup Bootkamp and provides an unforgettable experience with every workshop. He himself began his career working for portfolio companies under the Lightbank venture capital umbrella in 2008 (many unicorns started out of there like Groupon, MediaOcean, InnerWorkings, Tempus, Uptake, etc) and was quickly immersed in the startup world in a very unique way.
Since then, he has founded many successful companies and started giving back to the next wave of new founders by guest lecturing at Chicago universities in his spare time. The students would often request longer sessions and that’s when Startup Bootkamp was born. Currently, he is the founder of BarPass which is the ultimate event tool for bars post covid-19. Phil does a great job of bringing in his personal journey to each workshop (along with the help of other amazingly talented speakers) in order to truly connect the dots for all the founders in attendance.
I had some experience with the concepts introduced in the workshop, but the way Phil was able to break things down and explain them definitely solidified my understanding. He’s personable, an experienced entrepreneur, and knows what he’s talking about. Having a panel of seasoned investors and venture capitalists was a great touch which helped me understand how to prepare effectively when I go out to fundraise.
Whether you've just got a great idea and are starting out, or you have paying customers, you're going to walk away from this workshop armed with the necessary knowledge to move forward with confidence and be successful! For me, Startup Bootkamp was a great jumping-off point that led me to become accepted into the top accelerator, Techstars Chicago
Phil's Startup Bootkamp is a must for any new entrepreneur - the information and insight you gain on this single day is not only worth every dollar, the breadth of the topics covered, and the other industry professionals you meet, leave you feeling lucky you came across it!
I can honestly say that Phil has knowledge and expertise of the startup industry that is unparalleled. In one class, he gave a crash course of the ins and outs of the field from point A to Z. At the end of the class, we were able to engage and network with some industry leaders, and pick their brains on how to properly approach the start-up industry. None of this is possible without Phil. Thank you!

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